So with Malden being released on DEV Branch and a full release coming soon(free for everyone), will we see a server that is running I&A on Malden upon or shortly after release?

NAK Command is constantly reviewing new releases and making changes to the server to better support the NAK Community.
We will continue to monitor the status of the Malden map as it moves through DEV and into production.

We are currently considering having a server that rotates a different mission each week. (We are looking for players that would be willing to recommend,test, and maintain the mission files for this server. If you are interested please PM VileAce.

Umm this may sound dumb but idk how to PM via the website. Lol. But to answer your question, I wouldnt mind recommending, testing, etc. Wouldnt mind helping yall out at all!

Go to members > then Search for the user name or find the user in the list. Click on the user name then choose Private Message from the Member Header section