Malden Carrier Spawns

I did not see a sub-forum for Malden so here we go. Players were complaining about helicopters spawning in and exploding. Upon arriving the ghosthawks seem to be farther back than usual, towards the ocean, and there was some explosions on spawn. I also happened upon the hummingbird spawning… well basically off the carrier, see attached pics.

Yes this is caused by the waves in the game not a bug. Since the USS Freedom has been place it is hard to get other things to spawn on top of it. The reason the Ghost Hawks are back more is because when they spawn there wheels will spawn halfway in the carrier making them glitch and be throan back. The humming bird is the same.

Yeah the hummingbird is way back as you can see. Spawns seemed to be the exact same after the server restart so I just told people to use whatever helicopters were available.