Lythium I&A - Kajman and Mohawk repairs not working

I’m having problems with repairing the Kajman and Mohawk at H/R. I’m also unable to repair/analyze these helicopters, which seems to work fine with all the other helicopters. The basic toolkit repair works though. I haven’t tried to repair it with the bobcat yet, but I’m just curious if this a (known) problem or a problem on my side.

Also, there is no NAK I&A Lythium Server Feedback forum yet.

The server is still ~pre-release, it will go live soon, this weekend we will announce it. You are welcome to play and help us find issues like you found.

In regard to the issues you found, I added the Kajman and Mohawk without letting Claws know, so we will have to modify the scripts.

Any other issues you find, feel free to list them here. I know that we have the dynamic loadout missing on a couple of the vehicles as well. After the NAK Tac event tonight, I’m going to try to get a bunch of players to go to Lythium and look for issues that need to be resolved.

Had problems using the Blackfoot (with two players in it). The dagr’s and scalpels were not working, we’re only able to shoot one missile of each. The AA missiles probably don’t work too. Also, I saw there were 2 dynamic loadout settings for the Blackfoot. I’d guess one is for the gunner and the other one for the pilot?