Loving it

Hello everyone.

I just joined this server a couple of days ago and wanted to say that so far this is the best I&A server i have seen. I love that you don’t need white-lists to use specific VICs, or aircrafts, I love that you allow such wonderful mods that truly enhances game play, and most important of all the people in-game are all very friendly and helpful This is truly a great server, and i wonder why I have not stumbled across it earlier.

Just wanted to say a big thank you for offering such a great service to the Arma community and I hope that you will keep up the excellent work.

On a side note, i do have a question. I have downloaded all the mods from your allowed mods page, but there is one that i can not find on steam, nor on armaholic. The mod is: @GEAR (Multiple packs of uniforms and equipment).

Any idea where i can find it, including some info about it?

Cheers everyone, and have a good one.


I sort of came across NAK similarly after finding MILSIM units to be too demanding in their requirements of 2 hours a day every day year round or something of sort. The community here has a very diverse field of game play. My view of the community is of all the groups teams and players on ARMA as well as other games, this community has been the best to come across.

Check out other game servers NAK offers, I love the Zeus and the Liberation servers the most.

As for the mod, try simple search of the name for the mod, you may find it that way.

See you in game,


The community is truely amazing, I’ve met so many great friends thanks to NAK Squad :smiley:

All of the necessary mods required for joining the Zeus server can be found in this collection, all of them can be found in the workshop here: Steam Workshop::NAK Tac/Zeus Basic

Aditionally, you can try importing the preset, instrucions can be found in this thread: https://www.naksquad.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=883&p=3423#p3423