Looking for players to test mods

I am looking for a couple players to test the following mods:


Testing will need to be done on the Zeus server. The keys have been added so they may be tested at any point. Feedback will need to be given no later 5/12 - The keys will be removed on that date and the mods will no longer be allowed until a decision is made to add the mods to the optional collection.

I need feedback that includes:
Does the mod do what is expected.
Does it have any issues (i.e performance,compatibility, errors, UI issues)
Does it add functionality that is beneficial, without taking away from the tactical aspect of the server
Is the mod easy to use and self explanatory

I’ll defenetively be checking them out, where do you want us to post the feedback?

All worked fine far as I could tell… did some flight testing also. is AWM going to be optional for zeus and/or tac? did like the fact the ace interaction flying gave me back my flaps controls for a blackfish and the other vtols but does not have vectoring in it. (still gotta mousewheel/hotkey)

Anyone who test the mods can place feedback here or send me a PM. If one or all of the mods work as expected with no issues then yes they would be added to the NAK/Zeus Optional collection.

We can also look into modifying ACE Interaction Menu Expansion to add vectoring to the interaction menu.

I took a couple minutes to look that the code for ACE Interaction Menu Expansion and it would be very easy to modify to add vectoring to the interaction menu.

It would actually be very easy to add anything that has an action menu option to the interaction menu. It is not a big priority for me to do this, so if anyone has basic programming experience and would like to add this functionality, I can provide assistance with signing the mod and posting it back to Steam.