Looking for opinions

I am looking for opinions from anyone on the game Post Scriptum http://postscriptumgame.com/ or Post Scriptum on Steam.

Post Scriptum is a WW2 realism game, focusing on historical accuracy, large scale battles, difficult learning curve and an intense need for cohesion, communication and teamwork. Players will relive the events of ‘Operation Market Garden’ across the fields and towns of Holland.

I have purchased it myself, but if you have been able to play the beta, please leave feedback on what you think about the game. If this is a game that you are interested in or you plan to purchase it I would like to know that as well.

I have talked to players about this game and it was recommended to me to play because of certain games I’ve played in the past are like it but better even in its version as is I plan on buying it when ever I get money to do so.

The Game is fun with friends, although I have had my roughs with it. I’ve also had plenty of Fun so I do recommend it for people, who want an experience if you have people to play with.

ps. It’s not no Wild shooter, its tactical

I’m down to try it. I could of swore I saw it for 9.99 at one time. Kinda caught by surprise it is 29.99 now.

Personally I deeply enjoy the game. Its basically a scale replica of Squad. Just set in WW2 (brits vs germans) with ww2 assets obviously.

I have it and what little bit i have played i really enjoy what has been done so far. Looking forward to future updates and more improvements.
I understand that the US faction will be added at some point. Also have Hell Let Loose but i think that is going to be a while for something stable.

I enjoy it. I backed Squad so I got it for free, I only mention that for the sake of possible bias in my opinion. Most of the maps aren’t optimized yet but it’s a solid and fun tactical shooter.

America’s Army 2.5 and 4.x FTW :slight_smile: (and free!)

I am looking for opinions on this game specifically to see if it is something that NAK would like to host.
It uses RCOM so the admin tool we use would work.
It is a military, squad based tactics game which is NAK’s focus
The server licensing is not prohibitive like other games
There is an SDK available for users to make mods, which is critical in my opinion for long term game survival.
Last it is early in the game life cycle so NAK could get in on the start and build a community early on.

Sadly only game that comes to mind that even near them requirments for that would be Onward but its VR only so think that pretty much instantly disqualifies it.

AA4 does in every thing but being ‘new’ and ‘moddable’

only question I got would be if its modable what game engine preference then?

For me the engine does not matter. In the case of Post Scriptums built upon Unreal Engine 4, using the foundation of OWI core.

Probably pick it up this week Vile. I’ll add you on steam next time I’m on.

I’ve been watching videos on this game I’m deff getting it when I got time to DL it. Looks fun. Be nice to have a group of us play.

I’ve been playing PS over the last few months during the beta. A spin-off of Squad so anyone that has played Squad will be immediately familiar with the maps, menus, and basic functioning of the game. Great graphics, lighting, shadows, etc. Its definitely fun but currently it’s a bit like the wild west playing with random players learning the game and without significant cooperation. Coordinated play between infantry squads, logistics, support classes, and armour is critical to mission success. The ability to mod the game is a big plus.