Little Tips

Hello Fellow Zueser’s.

I have some tips that i find useful when i go and zeus, one of them is having the zeus mods loaded as a preset on the Arma 3 launcher in the mod section i also have some of the zeus keys set as macros on my keyboard so its only one click away . I also have all the zeus keys printed out on a word document so i can look at it for reference if i forgot how to do something.

Hope this helps others like it has helped me.

Some important hotkeys for Zeus using Achilles include

LCTRL + Double Left Click - Remote control (You control selected player)
LATL + Double Left Click - Switch unit (slightly different then remote control - (You become selected player)
LCTRL + F(X) - Save camera position (LCTRL+F1 - F9)
F(X) - F1 - F9 Return to saved camera position

SPACE - Move to/Show pinging player
BACKSPACE - Hide most interface
LCTRL + LSHIFT + BACKSPACE - Hide all interface (good for recording)
E - Hide/Expose Edit window
R - Hide/Expose Create window

G - Eject all units (including players, or para drop in case of aircrafts, but will eject pilots)
V - Passengers get out (or para drop in case of aircrafts, drivers and pilots will not get out)

ENTER(NUM) Change view - On selected unit will switch to player or AI view (again good for recording)
T - Toggle map textures (Zeus does not have the icon to toggle map textures, must use hotkey)

Change or View keybindings Vanilla Zeus
Open escape/pause menu
Select “Zeus” from the “SHOW:” combo box.

Change or View Achilles keybindings
When you are in the vanilla key assignments screen, press on “CONFIGURE ADDON”.
Select “Ares Mod - Achilles Expansion” from the combo box “ADDON”.