This is a report on myself.

I would like to extend my apologies, I had left the server up last night and did not clean it as I wanted to still provide a mission for some players on the server and was expectant that the server reset which was 2 hours away would clean it up.
For those that are new to NAK, NAK TAC, NAK Zeus or just visiting the servers and websites.
This is a big fault and it is not something that should be repeated.
For Future Zeus enthusiasts and the current Map Makers of NAK, sorry for causing a clutter in your playing field.

Game On,

Don’t know why you would ever think that was a good idea. Not only is it against the rules but the Zeus server doesn’t reset on a schedule like the public servers.

@Reaper6, I was unnaturally tired and made a poor decision.

The Admins have spoken to Leshii about the error. He took responsibility for what he did, and I am sure that it will not happen again.