Last-minute Zeus 31st of march

Sadly Nak-Tac was cancelled for the 31st, but we had awesome replacements in Zeuses as Rollacanda and Medimen layed out a hilly trail for us. Nak Squad had to fight a gruesome battle through the deep valleys over the hills, on their way to retrieve intel and an officer from an entrenched mountain village. Finally they succeeded and then gunned it back down the same hillside that was littered earlier with mines, hidden gunnests and tons of enemy insurgents.

Here are the brave soldiers posing after their victory (even though the officer mysteriously got shot in a dark and shady hangar).


Thank you Rollacanda and Medimen for running the mission. Finally got my hardware issue resolved, only 12 hours later - pitiful lol.

I purchased a Vive for my son and while installing it had an issue where the Vive would work but all of my other monitors stopped working, even after removing the Vive. After buying new cables and trying every combination of HDMI and Displayport configuration to the monitors, I finally got my monitors working again.

Congrats on completing the mission wish i was there to enjoy with you guys

Insurgent valley, Never forget. Was a ton of fun and a great mission.

1:55p.m (Pacific Time) I came online to play a NAK TAC mission and was immediately put in as a Commander to make a NAK TAC mission with the guys breathing down my neck lol. Calm under-pressure is an understatement considering the shoes I had to fill. From creating and running the mission, to helping players with logistics, teleportation, explanation as late-comers came in, to explaining how to Zeus to Rollacanda as he actively assisted me, it was the most stressful 4 1/2 hours I have had on NAK. Considering what a disaster the mission could have been because of the complete lack of planning, I think it went alright hahaha.

Thank you everyone for being so supportive and enjoying the mission. It was definitely the best mission by far because of the professionalism and discipline with which the NAK TAC guys handled the mission.

There are a lot of new players coming into my Zeus missions as of late, explaining ACE Medical (Basic), setting up Radio, buddy systems, strategizing, planning ahead, chain of command, leaving no one behind etc, is definitely a challenge. However, the players that are willing to learn and welcoming the steep learning curve, I am clearing them for NAK TAC and ushering them to submit applications to join. We should see an increase in the number of “prepped” NAK TAC players very soon.

@Medimen I submitted a NakTac applications mostly because of the Zeus server and the awesome games in it. Keep making these missions, they’re really fun.