Laser Guided Bombs / AA Training

Hello everyone, I have lately been seeing many new players on NAK servers and many of them new to jets. I was wondering if I should do some training for them to learn how to take down enemy aircraft and lock onto laser targets as well as lazering targets and dropping bombs into them.

Would any of you be interested or think it would be a good idea?

Hello xBroleh

We have tried this in the past but the turn out wasn’t the greatest but if you still would like to do this let me know and i would be more than happy to Zeus for you that day

-SSG Zero

It would be much more successful to make a video, and we can post the video online. There are some requirements if you would like the video posted on the NAK Squad YouTube channel and the forum, you can talk to me about those.

You’re right, a video sounds a lot better, Ill start working on one as soon as I can and I’ll update you on the process. Hopefully I can be able to upload it onto the Nak youtube channel.