Jump after landing HALO

I often have a problem with the HALO JUMP recently.
When I hit the ground, the parachute folds under my feet, which makes me jump, and sometimes it makes me jump to more than 100 meters of altitude.
This problem working on Altis and Lythium, I did not try on other server/map.
The problem continu with mods and using vanilla arma backpacks.
My solution is to land in the direction of the wind.
Before I did not have this problem.
With Arma 3 vanilla this problem does not exist.

A quick movie about what I talk in Attachements.

Look like mods issue

I have seen this issue when carrying excessive weight, e.g using a backpack mod that allows large capacity. I have also seen it sometimes but not consistently when the wind on the server is very high, more than what we would have on our server by default.