Good evening all.

Didn’t see an introduction thread on here so I figured I’d post one.

Game name is Quicksplice. Its comes from an emergency cable hook that is applied to the hoist cable if the cable needed to be sheared during a hoisting evolution.

That being said I was an Avionics Electrical Technician 2nd Class in the US Coast Guard or AET2 for short. Served as a Flight Mechanic on the Dolphin Helicopter hence why I will go by “Dolphin 1” when I fly the Orca. I also was a Company Commander at the training center yelling at recruits wearing my Smokey Bear campaign cover.

Primarily I fly transport, so if you need a lift please shout and I will be on my way, especially for Casevac and Search and Rescue!

But when bored I like to jump into the action Pararescue style or in a Tactical Recon role supporting Close Air Support operations.

I’m the owner of which was a BF community and a dying BF Hardline community. So being a Server Admin is something Ive done since BF1942.

I got back into Arma after upgrading the rig and happy to get to know you all and jump into the action.

Okay, thanks! Happy hunting all!

Welcome Quicksplice. Thank you for your service. Did you happen to serve in Washington State?(my home state) I’m normally on the Zeus server, or Malden. If you need a Combat Medic let me know, I’m pretty good. Well see you around. Ollie

How’s it going fellas? I normally play on NAK Server #1, occasionally hop onto Server #2, and would like to start getting into some more of the Zeus Missions. I fly helicopters in all roles including Transport, Armed Escort, Medevac, and CAS with the Hellcat or Orca. If we’ve got a good JTAC I’m able to run 9-Line for CAS and Medivac. I taught those courses in the military since November of 2016 so it’s fun to be able to use them with someone in game. Helicopters are my forte but you’ll catch me flying the Jets once in a while if that support is needed. I run ground game once in a while, when I get tired of flying that is, and am well rounded in long range, medium range, and can kick down doors with the best of them.

I am currently in the Air Force and will be a civilian (yikes!) by the end of October. I spent a majority of my career as a heavy diesel mechanic and electrical engineer and have also had my time in charge of logistics, spent a few years in planning & scheduling, was a team lead for multiple sections, ran IT support, and am currently finishing my career as a Maintenance Training Instructor. In short you could say I’m a Jack of all trades and a master of none! I’m looking forward to taking a few years off work to enjoy retirement and pursue my Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering/Computer Science. Taking some time off of work will be nice to get to do some work around the house, take a few vacations, enjoy time with the wife and family, play some Arma and work on performance upgrades to my truck and motorcycle.

I like the tactical aspects of the game and enjoy teaching new players tips and tricks to help them along the way. God only knows how many times I quit playing from the frustration of not being able to figure the controls out.

Look for me on TeamSpeak or in game and let’s get a squad going! See you on the battlefield.