Interesting glitch ( A few screenshots)

I tried to do the underwater side mission on malden today. I HALO’d in to the area and upon touching the water i went into the normal swimming animation (my flippers and rebreather never activated) and my character was stuck swimming. I decided to go to land to stop it and the following is what happend…

I then was able to recreate the glitch over and over at the main infantry airbase and asked a few guys to confirm if what i was seeing was also visible to them. Surrounded by laughter in the TS, i assumed it was obvious.

I give you the Michael Phelps of land…

please let me know if u can reproduce that error again

Claws ask Water about this he knows a lot about this issue and there are many others but i do believe that this is a arma bug not a script or a mod but best person to talk to is water

I attempted that side mission and Halo in and it put me in the swim mode, couldn’t even pull my rifle out. yet rebreather was functional and audio of breathing underwater was functional.

Guess the best solution is Halo into land. Then enter the water.

I have halo’ed into the water fine, so there must be some other combination of events that cause it. When you say "I then was able to recreate the glitch over and over at the main infantry airbase " was it from the initial halo, or did you respawn and recreate the issue. If you respawned to recreate the issue, what are the exact steps you did to make it happen.

I am currently testing to see if i am able to do this again tonight. My steps yesterday were as follows:

Equip SDAR
Equip Nato wetsuit
Equip Nato Rebreather
Equip nato diving goggles
Equip Assault pack
Halo about 30m from land (somewhere where the water is roughly 20-40m deep)
Open chute around 80m from ground
Right before hitting the water, Hold W and dont let go

This is how i did it yesterday. I was able to do it 4 or 5 times before i stopped playing (respawning each time)

TY for the detail

I tried for about an hour to do it again but was unsuccessful

I was unable to repeat it as well

I have had this happen twice - only detail I can provide is that aside from a standard diving load out, as this mission has a stratospherically high attrition rate due to clipping, AI advantages, etc. - I respawned and HALO’d much quicker in repetition than would normally.

Perhaps in this case - slow is smooth, smooth is quick and reduces land swimming.

ALRIGHT, here’s how it’s usually done!

It’s usually triggered if you parachute into the water, but deploy your parachute too late/at a specific height.
When you enter the water you should enter swim mode, but the game thinks that it’s also still parachuting at the same time.
So, what’ll happen is that you’ll be stuck going in a forward motion like in your parachutes. Unable to do most things.

This is avoidable if you just deploy your parachute earlier before you hit the water. It’s also fixable without death by getting into a vehicle/climbing a ladder.

Hopefully this helps.