| Instructor Nathan | and Cam

On Thursday, 12142017, | Instructor Nathan| and Cam were TKing on the Altis server. Cam shot me while I was standing at the arsenal at rotary and then killed Quicksplice and me while we were hovering over Kavala in the Blackfoot. He clearly knew we were friendly and deliberately shot us. Absolutely no reason for that.

| Instructor Nathan | was TKing multiple people repeatedly. He was told to stop repeatedly and responded that he would stop, but then continued. Later he said “I am Taliban” and kept killing people.

I know that you have specification about bans etc., but I believe both of these players deserve a ban. I could understand Cam getting a shorter ban, but | Instructor Nathan | should be permanently banned, in my opinion. | Instructor Nathan |'s behavior was egregious and very intentional.

Thank you for your consideration,

Thank you Geist Vile has taken care of this problem.