Ingame artillery, supply drops and evac support

On the Zeus and NAK Tac servers the Squad Leader and fire team leaders have the ability to call in Artillery (limited to 3 calls) supply drops (also limited to 3 call) and helo infil/evac (unlimited). We will be using the default Arma support keys to deliver the support

The issue with that is ACE reassigns the default hotkey (0). To be able to make the calls hit Backspace then use the mouse (not keys) to select 0-Reply then 8-Supports then choose the remaining options with the mouse wheel and middle button. The target/destination of the support will be whatever you are looking at when you start the request.

The second method and the method I find most effective, is to bring up the map, then you can use the hot keys or mouse. I normally use the hotkeys 0-8 the remainder depending on the type of support. Wherever the mouse is on the map when you initiate the call is where the Supply Drop or Artillery will target.

With either method the map will show the location of the target and in the case of artillery the ETA.