Infinite Arsenal/ Bnae's Arsenal GAP Magazine Restriction

So, Bnae has a mod named Project Infinite*.

In said mod pack are a bunch of weapons, one being the Remington R1 Enhanced.
It’s a nicely made pistol made to match the Falkor Petra also in the mod with a matching MTP skin for both, a nice loadout visually.

However, when you give yourself the R1 the default ammo is the 8round .45 G.A.P (Glock Automatic Pistol) magazine which, for some reason, gives you a kick with the message “AddMagazineCargo Restriction #41” when put in inventory.
The GAP isn’t a special round by any means, it isn’t explosive, super fast or high damage or anything, really just a normal modern .45 round so the restriction doesn’t make much sense.

Screenshot of the message, note the ammo in the topright

It doesn’t do this when adding just the pistol with a full inventory (preventing it from adding GAP magazines), nor when then clearing some space and adding either of the other two magazine types, only the GAP gives you a kick.

Since there isn’t really any reason for it to give you a kick, I figured I’d make a forum post here to get it whitelisted so it can be used.
Of course, this isn’t anything high-priority but I do like the R1 so it’s worth it to me.

Thankyou for taking your time to read this.

  • Crazy Mastiff
  • 2017/10/21 - Edited to correct mod name, thanks Vile

Oh ok but do u have the link of that mod

Here’s the link claws:

He’s talking about the pistol, I have’t looked closely at it, I dunno if it has AP rounds or not, I did some testing and I don’t see any issue with it.

FYI the mod is Project Infinite - not Infinite Arsenal. On the Zeus server I allow except for the HE and AP rounds that some of the weapons have.