Infantry Bug

The other day (I think two days ago from post time?) I caught an infantryman (checked lobby to be sure) able to pilot choppers as if they were a pilot. I had poked Vile, he kicked the guy for not being in TS and abusing a bug. Today around 4PM, I caught another, different guy spooling up a jet as infantry (checked lobby) and left as soon as I approached and didn’t come back. It hadn’t occurred to me until now I should’ve contacted someone, with them not coming back I hadn’t thought again about it until mentioning it to Chuck and he suggested to make a post about it. I don’t know if this is some kind of mod or a bug, but it doesn’t seem to be widespread yet and allows infantry to pilot without getting kicked out.

/which choppers ?

The chopper was the Orca iirc, the jet that was spooled up was the Shikra. The guys in the chopper had been slinging the fixed wing cheetah

Thank you brother , going check that

Claws this is something the Admins are trying to figure out. I think what is happening is the a NAK Elite gets into the vehicle and then leaves, after that any player is able to fly that vehicle. We have seen it happen with fixed wing as well. The problem is , it does not always happen this makes it very hard to be sure what allows it to happen.

I have checked all the vehicles after a server restart and everything was working as expected.

Maybe it could be the roles the NAK Elite where in before they get kicked from the server or leave the server in any way.

I was at the AOFL Rewards on Altis and I was playing as a Repair Specialist and I was able to get in the Pilot Seat without getting kicked from the seat. so it could have been a Reward Chopper.

Indeed , i am going check that , thanks for the feedback brother