Improve your Performance

So for the last several months I’ve just been suffering with my fps. I’ve messed with the settings, checked everything, I only run dynasound and cba etc. I had to make a new windows account since a windows update screwed up my last one and decided to get my settings right while i was at it.

If you’ve got a decent graphics card and are suffering try the attached settings. Geforce experience almost always gets my settings right or at least to where I can tweak them better.

  • I would leave the shadows at 100 and terrain high and then change visibility as you see fit.

  • 5000 overall and 2000-3000 object for visibility work well for me. I might try higher now that I have frames.

  • Anti-aliasing should be handled by the graphics card regardless so if you want that little bit of increased quality for the processing hit then go for it.

Test your settings while in game. Especially around the AO so you can get that extra load on your card. I use steam’s fps overlay and at worst I’m aiming for 20 fps and at best 50-60 fps.

If you go lower on a lot of the video settings then Arma takes load off of your GPU and puts it on your CPU. Your GPU is obviously way stronger and better suited to the task of handling video processing.

Look at the optimal side on the right. (Also make sure you have no logs checked in startup parameters)

I use the following mod to test my settings, it allows you to compare the actual settings and measure any difference without things like internet or server performance affecting tour FPS. Steam Workshop::Yet Another Arma Benchmark