Important NAK Tac Information

The first NAK Tac event is scheduled for October 21st at 5pm EST.
Only members of NAK Tac may attend. IF you are receiving this email you are part of NAK Tactical.
If you are not a reservist you are expected to attend. If you can not make it, contact your Squad leader and let them know.

All reservist should plan on attending, odds or you will get a chance to play.

Make sure you have subscribed to the NAK Tac Basic collection and verify all of the mods are working prior to the event.

If you did not attend one of the Discovery Days to become familiar with the mods that we will be using, the server is open now and will say open until 2pm EST on the 21st. All NAK Tac members are encouraged to use the server for training or testing.

On the day of the event NAK Combat Company Command (C3) and members of NAK Headquarters Company will be available starting at 2pm EST to answer questions you may have. Please come join us in the NAK TAC Q & A Channel.

On the day of the event we will try to be as organized as possible. To help towards that goal we have created a guildline for what to do on the day of the event.


  1. Muster: Gather all players into NAK Tac Briefing Room with NAK Command (All players wishing to play including reserves need to be in the channel by 5pm EST)
    a. NAK Combat Company Command makes opening remarks and provides information to all players
    b. Players move to their Section Channels in TeamSpeak
    c. NAK Combat Company Command provides operation orders to Section Leaders
  2. Section Leaders join players in the Section channels to provide Section specific operation orders.
  3. Server join and split
    a. Players join the server and meet up with their assigned squads. (All players need to join the server promptly when told to do so. 5 minutes prior to engagement start the server will be locked)
    b. Upon joining the server all players will be moved automatically to the NAKTAC_TFAR channel. (At this point all comms SOP must be followed.)
  4. Squad Orders
    a. Squad and Section leaders will review orders, assign positions and verify buddy teams.
  5. Squads members verify loadouts and preform comms checks
    a. Make sure that you have any approved special equipment needed, based on the operation order.
    b. Make sure the channels are set to the correct frequencies.
    c. Each pair of buddies should verify all information and equipment with each other.
    d. Squad/Section leaders will call for a comm check following SOP in Basic Combat Training
  6. Combat Company Command Comms check with each NET
    a. Combat Company Command will initiate a comms check on each NET
  7. Squads report ready status
    a. Squads report when they are ready for the operation to begin
    b. Command notes and begins operation when all squads are ready

    All NAK Tac members should be reading through the Basic Combat Training document. Players should be done reading the document, prior to the first event. There are “quiz” questions hidden within the document so we can test a player to see if they read it. Additional training documents and live training will be announced soon.

All NAK Tac members should apply to the NAK Tac Steam group. If you do not apply, you may miss important announcements.

All players that have applied for NAK Tactical prior to 10/7/17 have been assigned a position.

To view the list of members and their positions view NAK Tac Public Membership List. If there is missing or incorrect information on your player record, please contact VileAce to update.