Image from NAK Tac Open Event May 29th 2018

This event took place on the Summer Chernarus map.

The NAK Tac team was tasked with locating intel in a heavily guarded town, with that intel they were pointed to a train carrying a WMD that needed to be destroyed. After destroying in WMD, NAK Tac was tasked with locating and capturing a HVT before he could escape.

The team made good progress, was able to find all of the intel and destroy the WMD. Unfortunately the HVT was guarded more heavily than expected and NAK Tac took heavy losses, which allowed the HVT to escape.

Participants of the mission include: (Not in photo)
Trigger, seans,

Participants of the mission include L-R
Zeus’ed VileAce, Bill Kade,Tarl Desnea, Rollacanda, Simon, sycholic,Pararescue Raptor, Inferno_Ace, aaron, Waffle Coaster, Ulett (SL), Meister, Jester, CroationAvocado, mercurybud

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