Image from NAK Tac OPEN EVENT May 1st 2018

The event took place on the Sahrani map.

This mission was a ~continuation of the previous Open Event from 4/28/18. Details of that mission may be found in the NAK Tactical Event After Action forum, Image from NAK Tac OPEN EVENT April 28th 2018.

This mission started with the NAK Tactical team, separated into 4 fire teams, deploying into enemy controlled territory, to stop of convoy of reinforcements heading to the border. If the team was unable to stop the convoy it was likely that the Sahrani Liberation Army (SLA) would have the numbers to force their way over the border.

The NAK Tac team deployed quickly, but did not have enough time to carry out their plan to stop the convoy, but with quick thinking and and overwhelming number NAK Tac was able to stop the convoy, but they did take heavy casualties. While regrouping after the initial contact SLA and Russian National Forces followed the initial convoy in sporadic groups of BRDM-2’s. URAL’s and BMP-2’s. NAK Tac stopped all the reinforcements and cleared the town as they moved on to secure a high value target (HVT) being held by Russian Spetsnaz.

As the NAK Tactical team made it into the area where the HVT was being held, they took some heavy fire from multiple DShKM’s and two SPG-9’s. The SPG-9, known as Kopye, or Spear in english, is a tripod-mounted 73mm recoilless rifle. The static weapons caused the NAK Tac team to slow down as the static weapons made their presence know, but once they were located the NAK Tac team made quick work of the threat.

With the NAK Tac team still seperated into 4 teams, 3 of the teams made their way into the town with a 3 point attack, while the fourth team provided overwatch and expert marksmanship. The HVT was located and taken into protective custody, while the remainder of the town was cleared. Reports of war crimes had been received and to help make sure that the appropriate individuals were prosecuted at The Hague, the NAK Tac team collected evidence of mass graves and the burning of civilian bodies.

With the convoy stopped, the HVT rescued, and evidence of war crimes gathered the NAK Tactical team evac’ed back to base and celebrated a successful mission.

Participants from Left to Right
Q71B, sycholic, Hau, Lorenzo, Jester, Rollacanda, Snipsmagu, karr182, H.Lewis, Wave, Ulett, CodyHawkCaster, lilbirb. Medimen, Nubbinz, Rasmus, FaLL1726, MrsKarr182, TarlDesnea, Aelgalden, Simon, M0rty, Leshii
Not present at end of mission:xBroleh, Reyesinc, REAPER6, WO. Flash
Zeused by VileAce

Higher resolution image attached

Was great playing with you guys! I sadly couldn’t make it to the end because of the 6 hour difference :d

See you in the next one guys!

Lots of fun. Thanks all

aw man i blinked! Had fun. lets do more…

Hey m0rty, this was an open event, if you wish to play more, you should consider applying for NAK Tac in order to join private games. Ill leave the link for an application here:

waaaaaayyyy ahead of ya

Had a good time trying a more tactical mission form, intense.

Do you make any casualties statistics for the zeus missions (perhaps for the the main)?
I was killed once, bled out and incapacitated quite some times as well - mostly because we/I were “rushing” forward far too much to think and cover.
Having some TFAR problems didn’t help, it was easy to lose track of the group (yeah newbie on the TAC team), often while doing a 360 I experienced that the team was pushing out and was quickly lacking behind (and exposed myself).
Due to the rush, we got more casualties than needed and had to patch people together.

Would be funny to see statistics and see if some teams are performing better, maybe had better training we can lear from :slight_smile:

No pun intended - just my observation for myself.

“Under pressure you don’t rise to the occasion – you sink to the level of your training…”

I need training LOL

I was leading your team during this mission (green team - medical)

Hau I think you did a great job overall, at the beginning you were spread out and going everywhere and anywhere, but as the group got back together and we started to head out down the road you did good work, and you only improved when you got your radio cause you were able to communicate finally.

I myself kinda got lost leading near the end, and mediman took over leading for the last town the HVT was in. I’m fine with this since I don’t really ever lead people unless everyone in the group is new / inexperienced, and no one is there to step up.

An additional image from the Open event on May first

Higher resolution image attached