Image from NAK Tac OPEN EVENT April 28th 2018

The event took place on the Sahrani map. A summary of the event can be seen here.

Initially the NAK Tac team was tasked with preventing civilians and OPFOR forces from crossing the DMZ the separates the North and South. After about 20 minutes of rounding up civilians, OPFOR made a push to cross the border. NAK Tac took some isolated heavy losses, but the border was defended.

The push at the border may have been a distraction, as numerous amphibious APC cross into to south and the NAK Tac team had to react quickly to stop them. Even the heavily armed Sahrani Liberation Army was no match for NAK Tac as they took a elevated position and prevented the crossing.

Unfortunately, NAK Command did not see the additional forces that had made the crossing further north. The Sahrani Liberation Army with aid from Russian Spetsnaz and T-72 tanks, attacked the NATO/NAK TAC base. NAK Tac had to quickly react pulling base and setting up a defensive line. NAK Tac took heavy losses and were force to pull back regroup and make a final push to retake the base.

Participants of the mission include: (Not in photo)
Malik, olive, xBroleh, John McClane, CroatianAvocodo, FaLL1726, Tarl Desnea, Darragh, Aelgalden

Participants of the mission include L-R
Fox, Wave, bluedestroyer101, CAPT Rex Raven, Medimen, David Wilson, Waffle Coaster, Rollacanda, Sgt Jordan, sycholic, Lorenzo Zeused by VileAce

Higher resolution image attached

Was truely an amazing event, as in organization levels. But I wished I could have stayed there for more than just the briefing :frowning: I guess my Arma didn’t want to cooperate. See you in the next one (hopefully) my friends.

That photo looks absolutely amazing wish i could have been there!!!

-SSG Zero

Loved the op can’t wait for another one😆

You forgot me Vile lol

How could you forget the guy, that caused the mess in front of which the pic was taken?

I added you, but you were in the photo.

lol ty