Image from NAK Tac Event May 26th 2018

This event took place on the Summer Chernarus map.

In this event NAK Tac members were on there way to a 3 day leave, when their helicopter was shot done. NAK Tac members had to take advantage of their surroundings, find weapons and escape.

Participants of the mission include: (Not in photo)
Hammer, H.Lewis, mercurybud, Hau

Participants of the mission include L-R
David Wilson, Reyesinc, xBroleh, Medimen, sycholic, Simon, Lewis Smith, Inferno_Ace, Zeused by VileAce, Zero, Rollacanda, Rex_Raven

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Scary Face says hi!

By the way, I thought Lewis Smith was H. Lewis.

Probabbly the mission we died the most of the whole history of NAK Tac

I actually never died that mission, I think. I’m not sure about that though. But I remember when everyone got destroyed by that BTR.