Image from NAK Tac Event May 22nd 2018

This event took place on the Summer Chernarus map.

In this mission the NAK Tac team was tasked with infilling to a location to stop a convoy of dirty bomb materials. The NAK Tac team needed to reach the route of the convoy undetected otherwise month of planning could go out the window. After reaching the designated location of the ambush, the NAK Tactical team needed to set up a corridor of destruction so the no vehicles could pass. After successfully destroying the convoy, the NAK Tactical team could go weapon free to reach their exfil location and make it back to the Carrier of shore.

Participants of the mission include: (Not in photo)

Participants of the mission include L-R
sycholic, Lorenzo, Hammer, Aelgalden, Simon, Volcano, Ulett, Tarl Desnea, Zero, Rollacanda Zeused by VileAce

Higher resolution image attached

Great image, wish I could have been there too.

got to show up halfway thru cuz started work early, enjoyed playing with everyone. cuz of work I miss half the get togethers.

Yeah - that damn work tends to consume tremendous amounts of playtime :wink: I was burning midnight oil and were hoping to get done in time to join - but no way… :wink: