Image from NAK Tac Event May 17th 2018

This event took place on the Lythuim map.

In this event NAK Tac members needed to deliver humanitarian supplies to the civilians that were not able to evacuate during the previous mission. The NAK Tactical squad, was tasked with delivering supplies to 4 locations under heavy militia control. NAK Command was under no false notion that with would end the occupation but it would deliver the required supplies to keep the civilians alive.

Participants of the mission include: (Not in photo)

Participants of the mission include L-R
Fox, xBroleh, Wave, Simon, Tarl Desnea, Hammer, CroatianAvocodo, John McClane, Lorenzo, Zeused by VileAce

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Had a great time during this mission, sadly didn’t get to use the stinger lol

Vile, can you reattach the higher resolution picture?

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