Image from NAK Tac event June 15th 2018

This event took place on the Lingor + Dingor map.

This is the second part of a 4 part mission. In this mission the NAK Tac team was was tasked with supporting the DEA on the south American islands of Lingor. The Lingor government had requested assistance from the US DEA in helping eliminate drug trafficking and stop the spread of the corrupt military. During the DEA’s initial intel gathering, an agent was taken hostage. NAK Tac was tasked with escorting 2 DEA agents across corrupt military controlled territory. The locate the hostage and escort everyone to safety.

During this part of the mission NAk Tac moved through the hills and approached the enemy controlled airport. After taking heavy loses the team flanked the airport and eliminated the Lingor army. Lastly the NAK Tac team took the city nearby with some CQB action and established a staging area for the 3 part of the mission.

Participants of the mission include L-R: Zeused by VileAce, Meister, Lorenzo, Pararescue Raptor, Spruce, Hammer, Eagle, Rollacanda
Participants not in photo: Tarl Desnea, Trigger, Aelgalden,Inferno_Ace