Image from NAK Tac event July 24th 2018

A combination of of military and militia forces have taken over the Turkish island of Bozcaada for it’s natural resources. The NAK Tac team has been called in to erradicate the enemy forces. There are civilian;s and friendly military forces on the island do please check ROE.

To be successful NAK Tac must eliminate 90% of the enemy forces on the island. NAK Tac does have transportation vehicles and a UAV available. Primary targets are marked on the map.
Video of event can be found at

Players L2R: Aelgalden, TarlDesnea, Inferno_Ace, Rollacanda, Jim Carter, Wolfblade, socksawire, PararescueRaptor, Trigger, sycholic, Luke, Meister, Castlewoods, Lorenzo and WalkerCJ
Zues: VileAce