Image from NAK Tac event July 10th 2018

Lingor & Dingor 3/3 game play video making of the event video
[attachment=1]NAK Tac 071018 - Lingor - 405.jpg[/attachment]
players L2R: REAPER6, TarlDesnea, Hammer, Luke, Ulett, CroationAvocado, WalckerCJ, sycholic, Trigger, Meister, DavidWilson, PararesueRaptor, Tom, Lorenzo, Eagle, GEARJAMMER, M4CHIN3, and Rollacanda. Zeus by Vileace.

Superior Fire Team Citation: Meister, Hammer, PararesueRator, and Tom

Achievement of Excellence Award: GEAR JAMMER, M4CH1N3

Distinguished Performance Medal: WalkerCJ

Very nice mission