I&A, NAK #1, FOB side mission bug

Greetings, witnessed what could only be a bug in the new(ish) “Capture FOB” side mission.

The FOB consists of several of those tall military structures, which must be cleared of bad guys. I witnessed several players in each of the three big structures fall to their deaths when the mission was cleared. It’s okay to have the side mission “clean up” left over bad guys and gear, but please let the buildings stand for … hmmm, ten more minutes? That gives everyone inside a chance to grab-ass and cheer their win, then clear the buildings. Alternately, additionally, add some in-game text alert timer for nearby players that the buildings are going away.

To provide more detail I have seen this as well. This happens on any of the Capture FOB, it is not a specific mission. As soon the mission is complete all structures despawn. If players are clearing the towers they will fall to their death.

We used to have a 5 min despawn for enemy and structures which was a good amount of time.


It would be a good idea to add some time to allow players to vacate the area.

didnt even know , going repair that in the morning :smiley: mybad folks error like that shouldn’t happen :cry:

I really appreciate the amount of work that goes in to programming the missions. The fact that you make the fixes so fast, along with everything else you do to keep the servers running, is amazing.


I think it just encourages them to think about their loadout. Carry a parachute at all times!! :laughing: