HOW TO: MODs. MAPs or feature requests for NAK Tac

This forum is to be used specifically for requesting new MODs, Maps or Features to the NAK Tac server. Please do not post these type of requests into the general area, as they will either be moved into here, or removed. The aim of putting them all in one place is so that it is easier for all NAK Tac members to see what has been requested, and what the status of any request is.

When making a request, please include the following. (If information is missing your request may be denied)

  1. Name the MOD, Map or Feature
  2. Describe what it does, or how you see it working
  3. Provide a Steam-link or Bi-Thread to the request (if available or applicable)
  4. Concisely tell us why you think it will improve the server, or player experience, by implementing your request

After initially posting of a request it will be reviewed by the NAK Tac operating committee. Please allow up to 2 weeks for a response from the operating committee. The NAK Tac operating committee may deny a request without community discussion, may open the request for NAK Tac community feedback, or it may approve and implement the request. If it is opened for community discussion there will be a 2 week period for NAK Tac members in good standing to provide feedback and comment.

Depending on what is said by the community and operating committee during the open discussion period, a decision will be made as to whether or not a request will be approved.

When a request is opened for community discussion, please keep posts concise and on topic. Using the NAK standard of +1(agree/yes) or -1 (disagree/no) at the beginning of the message will help the operating committee poll the results.