Helpful Keys

Below are some helpful keys related to ACE that might come in handy. A couple that I had forgotten were Check ammunition, Open/close door incrementally and Speed limiter. Review these and maybe have them handy for the next mission.

Shortcut						Action
Ctrl+Shift+K						Show Protractor
Win							Interaction menu
Ctrl+Win						Self-interaction menu
Ctrl+Space						Open/close door
Holding Ctrl+Space+ Mousewheel				Open/close door incrementally
Ctrl+T							Tap on the shoulder
Ctrl							Modifier key
Ctrl+Shift+T						Wipe off goggles
Ctrl							Show names
Alt+Page Up						NVG: Increase brightness
Alt+Page Down						NVG: Decrease brightness
Shift+R							Clear firearm malfunction
O							Altimeter
Ctrl+R							Check ammunition
`							Safety toggle
Page Up							Scope: Elevation up
Page Down						Scope: Elevation down
Ctrl+Page Up						Scope: Windage left
Ctrl+Page Down						Scope: Windage right
Tab 							Vector: Azimuth key
R							Vector: Distance key
Del							Speed limiter
1							Pistol
2							Rifle
3							Grenade launcher
5							Binoculars
6							Frag grenade
7							Non-frag grenade
8							Switch grenade mode
0							Holster weapon
2							Engine on
1							Engine off
3							Primary weapon
4							Machine gun
5							Missiles
9							Fire smoke launcher
Tab 							FCS: Lase target (measure distance)
Page Up							FCS: Range up
Page Down						FCS: Range down
Shift+K							Show Wind Info