Hello! Glad to be gaming on NAK

Great community - I just recently upgraded my PC and decided to dive into the Arma world again. I’ve occasionally played on your servers in the past but didn’t have the time. Now I’m between jobs and look forward to interacting with like minded Mil-Sim players. I’m enjoying the chats so far with the groups I have played with. My hats off to the admins and support for running this.

Keep up the good work and have fun - see you on the battlefield

PS: any other current/separated/retired military members on here? I just retired - 20 years in the Air Force (Military Police career field)

Welcome to NAK. I would be more than happy to start a forum for current/retired military if there is an interest let me know, we definitely have active and retired military members on our servers . We are also starting a “MilSim” unit which will have more structured play than the public servers. Everyone is welcome to join. https://naksquad.net/nak-full-tactical-unit/