have other game server rather than just arma 3?

would be nice to see NAK Elites operating in some other military games

There are quite a few players from NAK Squad that join up and play other games. It it best to join TeamSpeak and make friendships that way, you are able to more to private channels and talk about other games or even play other games while using our TeamSpeak. NAK Squad also has a Steam group ARMA 3 NAK which you can join. Via that group you can see what other games people are playing and send friend request to players that have the same interest you do. NAK Squad is also always on the lookout for other games that are appropriate for us to host, maybe in the future we will have other games that you can play with other NAK members.

A word of caution, it is against server rules to send an open messages to call people away from NAK resources. For example sending a message on side or group chat saying hey lets go play “XXXX”, or saying in TS join my Discord channel, or sending a message in TS to a channel to go play another game, are all against server rules. If you have questions about the No recruiting rule please ask an Admin.