HALO Jumps

Hello NAK! I’ve been playing your servers off and on during all of late 2017, And just one feature you guys have has always got to me.

HALO jumps, i feel they are just un-necessary and give Transport pilots no meaning, as of now, half the time the server population just HALO jump, Finish the Mission, respawn, then HALO jump to the next AO. It’s just been a complete turnoff for me and was never really a fan.

I love your server’s and will continue to play it, but i would love a response considering the matter, thank you!

This has been discussed multiple times. The last relevant discussion is here. There are many reasons to leave the halo jump and for the foreseeable future it will stay. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the server, but we have to take into account all players not just one group (transport pilots). After the discussion above we tried placing a 10 minute delay between halo jumps, but it was removed based on user request and server performance.

We do understand the concerns of the pilots and players and when we find a suitable solution that addresses most of the issues we will implement it.

HALO jumps without any cooldowns really help servers with low number of players.

In Malden, if there only 10-20 players with no transport pilots, people are basically stuck on the island for 10min at a time.