Is possible that we can get AI drivers/gunners as its hard to trust people when so many people team kill and if you are driving it gets boring and when there is no people that are doing transport or if the tank you are in can’t be lifted like the Bobcat and IFV Cheater it’s boring driving across the map to only have a 50% chance of getting team killed by someone in a blackfoot or just a guy with a RPG it would just help telling the AI to drive somewhere and just go do your own thing for a minute. And I’m not asking anyone who just joined the server for the first time like they whold need to have play for a set amount of time to be able to recruit a AI.

Adding bluefor AI does not fit the model of our server. There are many people that would love to be part of a vehicle crew. I recommend that you get on TeamSpeak so that you can communicate with other players more easily. Second make friends with other regular players on the server who have the same interest as you, and last make post on the forum and other locations saying that you are looking for players to be part of a vehicle crew. It just takes a little persistence.

Just having a spirit of cooperation and a common goal can offer unexpected opportunities. Just recently I was playing in a ground role and happened upon a T-140 working in the AO. This tank was being operated solo by a NAK Elite player. I joined him as a gunner and we continued to work the AO. One of us would occasionally exit the tank to go after AI positioned in the town. Whoever was in the tank would call out the enemy locations and help guide the ground trooper. We continued together this way, swapping into whatever positions in the tank were open and necessary to the success of the mission.

I found it fascinating and really satisfying just to be part of a team that was simply doing what was necessary to accomplish the mission. Neither of us was consumed with “owning” any one position or responsibility. And this was done just by a couple guys who happened to meet on the battlefield.

If you are open to this kind of group cooperation, and pay attention to opportunities and to players who seem to be willing to work together, no matter what duty they end up with, you can develop friendships and find opportunities to work with the same people repeatedly. This kind of play is still very open and far from strict mil-sim style, but one quickly discovers that familiar and repeated scenarios take on a more story-like feeling when working with friends. Each story has a different outcome, and one can come away from this play style with a much deeper feeling of satisfaction than when playing selfishly and alone.

I hate to state the obvious, but even on large public servers like Altis, team play is far more interesting and memorable than playing the lone wolf.