GrumpyBandit Goings on

Offender’s Name: GrumpyBandit (Sgt Grumpy on TS)
Description of the offense: Ignoring direct orders enough that would take a couple of pages to write out, disrespecting and arguing with commanding officers on what he can do, with the majority of those times being planting explosives everywhere after being told three to four times EACH TIME not to place explosives (9/12, 9/15) jumping in vehicles and trying to drive them around after being ordered not to (9/15) after being told to back away from an active mine I was trying to defuse three times running directly onto it and killing both of us (9/12) ignoring orders to stay back and recon an area, instead charging in full speed on a vehicle and alerting enemies (9/12, 9/15) jumping into a captured tank gunner seat after everyone was given orders to leave it alone and let the driver repair it, then using the MG to fire on friendly AI, causing them to attack the tank (9/15, Fox pulled him aside for that one) openly lying about things he just did to try to keep out of trouble (9/12, 9/15) Painfully obviously being below the age minimum of sixteen by voice and actions. This list is just what I’ve seen and have 100% clear details on, I’ve heard other people complain he’s kept doing about the same on the days I haven’t been on and he has.
Server misconduct occurred on: NAK Zeus
Were there admins online? If yes which ones?: Admins that have been involved or witnessed this behavior so far: Yogi, Fox, CopOut


A while after that had been posted on 9/15 (Early morning) the Zeus at the time accidentally destabilized the server. That has already been dealt with, however after the crash we were discussing in TS what to do and agreed we needed to get an admin, Grumpy piped up and said he was going to spam one of the ones below in TS. Those of us in TS told him not to, with one person telling him to go for it dripping with enough sarcasm to boil a ham, and he got banned from the TS a short time later for poking Vile 12 times in 10 seconds, then complained on the NakSquad quick chat on the site trying to say we all told him to do it and he didn’t know he shouldn’t spam admins.

Jack being fare this matter has gone out of hand but thank you for posting this and giving us an idea of what goes on in the server. BUT some things that you and others have said to grumpy shouldn’t have been done or said. This is why we have rules in place so that players can follow them and have a fun time on our servers without disturbances. Since grumpy could be under age you can’t just say to him poke an admin people don’t see or listen to messages the same way so you would have to be more specific in what you say or type.
Confirming if a players is very hard because a person can have a voice like a kid but above the age of 16 or the other way around don’t matter it is still hard to see if the player is 16 or above. And i know a lot of adults that act like children so you can’t use that as an example.

If you have any problems understanding this contact me and we can have a chat. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the information. I have talked to Fox and c0p0ut, but I would like to talk to the other individuals involved before I decide on the appropriate action.

I just want everyone to know that I am very unhappy with the behavior of many of the players involved. Team killing as a punishment is not and will not be tolerated, and it is responsibility of the Zeus not to let the issues get out of hand, so I will be addressing those issues as well.

It the last Zeus mission Grumpy was under our unit - we needed a VSM Leach to keep him in check. Bob the Builder was funny, but wasn’t MilSim. Sorry mate - perhaps in a couple of years when he’s much older.

In investigating this issue, I found the following offenses where committed and the players mentioned all have been punished accordingly. I am continuing to review the logs and as I find other rule violations those players will be dealt with as well.

When we first started the Zeus server we required that an Admin be online at all times to help manage the server. Over time we have dropped this requirement but placed a responsibility on the Zeus to report every and all rule violations to the Admins. This was not done in this case. The Zeus allowed multiple rule violations to go unreported, and players began taking issues into their own hands. I have updated a couple of the Zeus servers rules in order to help add some clarity.

Ozone is banned from Zeus Server 1 day - Failure to report rule violations - Failure to maintain server standards
Sgt GrumpyBandit banned 7d from Zeus server - Failure to obey Zeus rules (multiple)
Valeria banned 1d from Zeus server Intentional Team Kill
Saltymedpac is banned from Zeus Server 1 day Intentional Team Kill - additional ban unrelated
] SGT CORSAIR banned for 3d from Zeus server Intentional Team Kill

Some other players may have been involved with the team killing, but the information available was not definitive. Please learn from this, first do not take enforcing rules into your own hands, second if you would like the public Zeus server to remain it needs to be a safe place for all public players.