Ghost Hawk

I think this has been talked about in the chat, but not sure if it is doable in code. Could you enable control of the ghost hawk turret from the pilot spot? I’ve come across a few scenarios recently where it would be really nice to have those guns enabled, but also have the ability to disable them when we are headed into a base.

Just a thought!

I think this is a cool idea. Limits the people you don’t trust to not fire in base and gives people freedom to actually use them. There is the scripts = more lag thing but I think this would, in my opinion, be worth it. I also have no idea if it would be possible to code but it would definitely be cool.

Is that why they are disabled? Currently you cannot shoot/throw anything in the base area.

From what I understand, it is a combination of both shooting at base and randos shooting it at friendlies. I did notice while I was doing the side mission at fixed wing that it gave me the “Don’t fire at base” message for firing my cannon over it in a black wasp (in the air). Maybe claws is working a script related to that? We might see those mini guns usable again soon.

We did prevent all shooting at base, including vehicles. This was primarily do to the large amount to TK’s we have had lately As far adding back the guns on the Ghost Hawk, we will, add it to the action items to be discussed. Right now Claws is working very hard to update Malden with the “same” changes that have recently been added to Altis.