Getting access to all heli's

As a Vortex pilot it quickly becomes obvious that I am restricted from piloting many of the game’s heli’s, the telling cue being when I can only enter as a co-pilot. I presume these heli’s come from previous ArmA versions, as they are not available in any of the DLCs (I own the Heli DLC) - nor in the ArmA 3 Eden editor.

If these additional heli’s are only available through ownership of earlier ArmA versions, How does that affect their use on NAK servers? When intending to use one of these alternate heli’s, must I boot into NAKsquad while actually running the earlier ArmA version on my local machine? And when training, using the editor, must I also run separate versions of ArmA on my local machine?

What server are you having this issue on?

I have been playing mostly the Altis server. A few turns on Malden. So far I have only been able to access the Ghosthawks, the AH9 varieties , and the CH47 type which is included in the DLC