General Question.

Hello all,

This is SSG Zero i would like to ask you all a question because im looking for some feedback.

I have recently started to break down our NAK TAC manual and break it up into segments so it makes the reading a lot lighter for you guys, I would like to know if you are finding it useful and what i mean by that is are you finding there is enough information in the posts or is there to little and would like more becuase im taking what I think you guys would most benefit from and breaking it down into short paragraphs for you guys so you don’t have a brain overload with information. I’m also giving you guys the link to the manual so you can go and read it more indepth if you do choose to do so.

So if you could take a minute or two and tell me what you think i can improve on that would be great becuase i want this to benefit you guys the most so it makes your playing experince alot better and your time with NAK that much more enjoyable.

Are you referring to the NAK Tac Basic Training Document?

One you can see by the number of views that people are looking at the post, which to be honest is as much as you can ask for. Second, the posts will not only help the people online and part of NAK Tac/Zeus now, but also people who join later. If you are asking the average general player, my guess is, it is to much information for them to care about.

When you make the post, ask yourself who your target audience is, and make the post for them. There is almost no way to post information that is relevant to all the different types of players we have in the NAK Community.