Even with optimizations client side and no logs even I’ve been having more frame drops than usual (at least near the AO). There’s been a lot of complaints and if you’re near the AO then that’s where it either happens or gets worse. I’ve seen more complaints after the new mission file changes and I’ve gotten an unplayable fps drop now too.

Right now I’m noticing an unplayable fps drop when there’s 68/70 players and the AO is near the main airfield. The worst possible combo.
Number of players is a killer, I know that for sure.
AI can be a killer but I’ve seen other game modes not have an issue with AI until it gets to ridiculous amounts. Like 5 active towns with infantry and tanks. I think on all invade and annex servers there tends to be an fps hit with increasing amounts of AI.
Mods could also do it. Some players have over 100 mods and have as many loaded that are allowed. Not many servers do this and instead they only white list a few mods and all others are not allowed.

I don’t know if it is due to the new mission file changes or simply because we have had a full server more often but it does seem to be a newer thing (at least the intensity of the frame drops).

I haven’t been able to deduce what the cause is but could we look into it?

I know arma is horribly optimized and has an engine older than dirt comparatively but I hope we can find some sort of solution to reduce the load and improve fps.

1 . are u using any mod ?
2 . are u playing on foot , if yes what is your view distance ?
3 . what type of cpu , gpu and drive u using ?

I have the same problem, with a good pc.
7700k + 8GB DDR4 4000MHz + SSD + 1070GTX

U can try to change the line “SceneComplexity=”, u will find it in “yourname.Arma3Profile” (My Documents)
u can divided the amount present per 2.
Exemple : SceneComplexity=900000 changed by 450000.
U can put 100000, but you will have problems ( LOD pop-ins )
It’s better to divise per 2.
I has 600000 low details, i put 300000, and it’s better ( in city, with smoke …etc )
but when the server is full, i put objects distance under 900M, if not i’m under 45fps

This affects the maximum number of polygons
Preconfig Low details is 600 000
Preconfig Ultra details is 1 000 000
if i remember well

i’ll get the result whether i’m on foot or in the air whenever i get near or look at certain AOs. I will say my air view distance is quite high, sitting at 4km and 3.5km object or so and I have had to break off gun engagements on enemy air that are going to the AO and getting close to the AO. I’ve had to just missile them because I can’t gun them with the low frames. My ground view distance is significantly lower, probably only like 2km because I don’t play ground often.
I’m running a gtx1070 and a mobile i7, the game is on my HDD (7200rpm sata 6Gb/s). My point is I haven’t had this bad of an fps hit on the server before and I don’t get this problem on other servers (aside from king of the hill where I got ungodly frames but I haven’t played that in a year at least). It’s only evident when the player count gets high and again i’m not sure if we’ve had the server more full than before when I had good frames or not. Just can’t remember.

It happens to me as well. I found two mods that help when I’m flying:

When flying(jets) you don’t really need to see trees/buildings/lamps/bushes/rocks/etc. These two mods make it so that you can turn view distance up and object view distance down while still being able to see/target enemy aircraft/vehicles. I have the same FPS drop when I have a busy AO within my view distance. I’m pretty sure it’s CPU related because the FPS difference while tweaking graphical settings is negligible.

The downside is that sometimes a building might be in the way but this hasn’t been an issue for me. Also static AA(centurion/praetorian/spartan) don’t seem to be affected by these mods so you’d have to increase object view distance to see these.

It’s a new thing. People that used to get 40 frames are now getting 30 frames as well as bad frame drops after the mission file changes etc. Not sure what happened.