Feedback for Apex server

For all players that were invited to provide feedback for the Apex mission, any comments, bugs, or issues can be reported in this topic. ****PLEASE MAKE ONE REPLY FOR EACH ISSUE, COMMENT OR BUG

We are aware the the HQ’s are not completed.

It would help if you could provide the name of any missions you have played and your thoughts in general. Things like, AI placement, difficulty, mission location, balance of infantry AI vs vehicle AI

The Arsenal at AOFL rewards has a Teleport to AOFL USS 99 - which teleports you about 40m in the air at the Main base, which causes you to become incapacitated.

Should be rapires by tonight


AI placement was very good.
Location was great, provided enought area around the town to halo in and move into the town. I came in from the north, but I could see where this mission would give good infill locations all around.
I really liked the static weapon on the top of the large water tower.
I think I have seen more snipers than on the other servers, which I like on Tanoa
On this mission there were about 10 AI in the water near rhwe harbor

Maybe some AI in the buildings on the outskirts of the town would be good.

10-4 going check that tonight , only 6 ao to go

Looks good, the locations of OPs are good and performance is consistent with the other servers. My only gripe and this goes to Altis AND Malden is how far the Main base is from some AOs. Now the main base is in a tiny corner of the map, for Tanoa its now on an island in the NW but the AO I was on was on the opposite to the SE, this would be extremely boring for people using Helos as a transport and just makes people go to Halo Jumping, while I love a good helo ride, having the Main base extremely far from the center of the map just makes it unnecessary to use a helo and would make it really boring for people riding in it waiting to get to the other side of the map. Why cant we put the Main base on the main island of all 3 maps, for Malden in can be the big airfield in the top right, For Altis it can be the Altis airport in the middle of the map, and for tanoa it can be in the middle largest island. We’ve had our spawns at those places before so why move, you could say it would decrease performance or allow for more AOs but how? those main airport bases are just used for AOFL Rewards now, which are rarely used because no ones willing to drive/take it to the AO which could be Kilometers away. Why cant we switch the 2 spawns and have the AOFL Rewards in a island or a corner of the map, while having the main base in the center(ish) of each map. This also makes it impractical for vehicles, if our base was on the main island of all 3 maps we could just drive to the AO since most all AOs are on the main island (considering Altis and Malden) but now with the main spawn base in some corner of the map we’d have to 1. wait for a helo to pick us up 2.wait to get to the AO and 3. risk of getting shot down and having to start all over. As much as I think Nak has made great strides in its progress, the location of the main base has always puzzled me. I know this would take awhile and theirs definitely better things to do with the servers but I hope this is taken into consideration, but keep in mind everything else seemed nice. Sorry for the long text.

Why cant we put the Main base on the main island of all 3 maps,

We have talked about this in another post, but to recap.
First when you have the base “near” the action the FPS of the server is affected greatly do to all the players spawning into the game.
Second, as you might have noticed on Altis, where there is one mission near the main Airport, when you have the AO’s too close to a base it prevents players from getting to the AO’s, because the air support gets shot down before it can even take off.
Lastly we try not to have any AO’s near a base, On Altis we have always tried to keep the AO’s at least 2k from the bases, again mostly for performance reasons, so that is a 4k radius where you can not have any AO’s. On a map like Tanoa that would cut a large portion of the map from being used for missions…

We have had different base locations on the different servers over the years. The current choice of location is a culmination of all the experience throughout the years.

That makes sense but we in my opinion we still have that issue with our current bases, most notably Malden where rogue AI jets come in and just shoot any heli taking off and sometimes theirs no friendly pilots to take it out making heli travel redundant, Why cant we have an AI AA System like we used to before, where we could have 2 tigrisis or any AA vehicle guarding main and can be activated when enemy jets get in the air. If thats the reason why our jets got shot down in the first place

Believe me, we do not make changes without a reason, the base defence was removed for performance and the fact that it was being wasted most of the time (activated by someone, just because the option was available to them), and pilots were complaining that there was not any AI jets to dog fight with .

Claws and I were talking recently about the best way to add base defense back to the servers. And before you say “just allow the pilots to activate something”, that is not necessarily the best option for multiple reason. We have looked at the player comments and we will provide a solution.

We have limited resources to do mission coding and testing, our resources are concentrating on getting Tanoa up and running. Once that is done we will start working on our action item list.

Alright, my apologies thank you for the reply.

No need to apologise. We do take feedback from players seriously, and we do appreciate ideas and recommendations. Often for every player a change ove way, there are the same number of players that want the exact opposite. The changes that are easy to make are are the ones when 70% of the players want it the same way and it will not affect performance.

We are aware that base defence is an issue that needs to be fixed, and we will have a solution in the near future.

Lil close for comfort might need to check the min distance to base or what flags a airfield as a no ao zone.

All bases will be redone prior to release, as mentioned in multiple posts.

check the min distance to base or what flags a airfield as a no ao zone

We recently have been trying this to see how it plays out, the missions are intentionally close. On Malden and now on Tanoa, we are have missions spawn very close to or even in the rewards area. The idea is the Blufor has captured an area and now Opfor wants it back.

Below is a picture of Wipeout Spawning outside of Hanger on Tanoa.

10-4 going check that

I tried to use the GBU-12 on the wipeout on Tanao, but I couldn’t get them to show up in the ammunition selection menu (top right corner). I’m just curious if anyone else has this problem. Otherwise, it’s probably just my broken game.

I just heard on TS it’s probably the JSRS sound mod.

Were you using the ACE3 mod? If so disable it, it is not implemented on the server, so you are taking a performance hit, with no real benefit and it can also cause your issue. Yes we have a previous post in regard to JSRS and air vehicle weapons after the tanks DLC.

This is the post in regard to JSRS.

Thank you for the quick response. I wasn’t using ACE3, but I was using some soundmods, will be disabling them untill the mod is updated (or fixed by BI).