Feedback after the release of jets DLC and sensor overhaul.

The Jets DLC and the sensor overhaul is the worst update by BI studios and Bravo Zero 1.
So after playing the jets dlc update for more than 48 hours and also in dev branch testing. This is what I’ve to leave the feedback about.

  1. While testing in editor mode, I placed a wipeout and a tigris. Usually before the update you can acquire a lock by pressing R key within 4.8kms from the target with your macer missile. Shoot and forget. Target destroyed. Now, wipeout doesn’t have so called active radar, when active weapon is selected as 30mm gun it picks up the tigris (target) from far away 5.1kms or so. But same distance Macer cant lock on the tigris neither it can find the target. Whereas tigris has already started shooting its AA missile all 4 of them towards you at a distance of 4.9kms. So, by now the tigris should be hot, wipeout tries to engage the tigris again within range tries to lockon with macer missile, FAILURE.

  2. Wipeout, buzzard and neophron all zoom in cockpit when you right click to fine aim. With the new jets Black wasp, Gryphon and Shikra, you can hardly zoom, small amount where you can see nothing, when you really want to dogfight or fire at ground targets with the minigun 20mm. Also I can understand why the lead pipper( a small circle showing on the target where to fire) was removed.

  3. I was so hyped about the dynamic loadout, it seems like you cannot actually use it in multiplayer server. Only can be used in editor mode. So whats the use of it. How many players spend time in editor mode playing against the AI?

  4. What is wrong with flying the helicopters after the update? Seems like I’m flying some chopper in GTA. When in 3rd person mode, it seems like the cursor is fixed on something. It’s difficult to land in 3rd person mode now.

  5. USS freedom in multiplayer servers is for plane service or helicopter service. Now the only jets who can land there is Black wasp and sentinel as they have tailhooks and fold wings. What about others? USS freedom looks a show piece in the middle of ocean. Nothing much.

  6. The radar on gryphon and other new jets looks clustered when lots of squares appear on the radar. It doesn’t show from where the incoming missile is coming. It shows 3 to 4 M indicator on the radar coming to you and beeping. We are suppose to spam the flares key to save ourselves.

  7. One hit on your Jet HULL or CTRL. You are done! You can’t reach base neither you can fly. The physics of the jets are very different now. It feels very heavy and not Maneuver. Shikra can maneuver very nice.

  8. So devs of ARMA3, BI studio and B01 studios, I really don’t know whats up with you guys? You left me with no joy in arma3 flying the jets. Flying jets and heli is one of my favorite thing on ARMA3. But after the update. I really don’t feel like playing ARMA3 anymore. And I highly regret buying and spending in almost all of your DLC. This is coming from a true ARMA fan.

I also noticed in dev branch when testing there was a missile cam and it shows where the missile goes when you shoot. But the released version is something else all together. Correct me If I’m wrong.

I would request you to please bring back the fun of flying the jets in arma3.

I hope you will look in to this. Lastly thank you for your hardwork. But I’m not impressed.

Let me know your thoughts and opinions on this. Thank you for your time.

Peace out.

I’ve personally been playing with the new stuff over on the dev / RC branches for a month or two now. It’s really fun to see other people getting into it and learning the ropes. Been trying to help teach people, but I guess some people don’t want to learn… A story for another time.
Here on NAK, though, I have to admit I’m disappointed with how aircraft in general are being implemented on the servers.

Anyhow, Regarding OP:

  1. Yeah, BIS still has a bit of game balancing to do, methinks… Give it time. Also, keep in mind, if a vehicle hasn’t been turned on / turret hasn’t been shot it won’t have any thermal sig. If it has no thermal sig, IR guided weapons (Macer, Scalpel) won’t be able to lock. However, you can still self-designate w/ the laser on the TGP and then lock to the laser.
  2. I made a mission script where you can taxi onto a rearming pad then select from a bunch of pylon configurations via the action menu. It’s pretty sweet, and I’d be willing to share if people here are interested- meanwhile it’s up on my zeus server if anyone wanted to try it. I asked claws, but he didn’t seem interested, oddly enough :confused:
  3. Think about real life for a sec. Can you land an A-10 on a carrier? No—why would you? It’s a land-based mostly VFR oriented CAS jet; what business would it have in a naval theatre? Carrier ops will be different, and hopefully we’ll see more use for the carrier / naval stuff after Malden comes out next month.
  4. All radar / sensor-equipped aircraft should show where missiles / locks are coming from on your sensor display. Take a look at this image for details:
  5. Realism. Love it or hate it :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry you’re not enjoying the update, bro.

CeruleanNutter, Thank you for posting your comments. You are correct to an extent where you talked about A10 and carrier. But Arma3 is a game. And I feel there should be more use of USS freedom rather than just landing and taking off.

I would highly recommend you to go to editor mode, Spawn a wipeout, play as a character, spawn one tigris only some where in the map. Lets see who catches the target first. Even after the tigris has shot all the 4 missiles. Its hot or noe. Macer will not lock on to it. Even if you are flying at 1500m altitude. Tigris will hunt you down. So where is the time to right click, open targeting pod, Press Ctrl + T point at the tigris, when at range lockon with R key and fire.
Remember this is just with one tigris. Imagine an AO with 3 tigris. You are going down. 120 flares will not last for long.

I dunno, man, I haven’t had many problems with the stuff in my experience. I’d bet a lot of it depends on tactics and whatnot. You gotta think smart when you’re fighting a computer.

At what altitude did you test this at, Dex?

Second, the limitation right now with the carrier is that it is treated as less of an in-game OBJECT and more like “LAND.” As such it’s very non-functional. However, think of it this way, if the carrier even simply “MOVED” around the map the whole round, do you know how much of a drain on the server that is? There are something like 40 objects attached to the carrier “base” and each of their positions would have to be updated by the microsecond.

Tested at 1500m -2000m with wipeout flying over Tigris. Not engaging. Tigris however will still find you at his radar and start shooting all the 4 AA missiles. Try this in editor mode. Correct me if I’m wrong. Macer doesn’t lock on no matter what.