Expired - Resolved - Brother Killed 2 people on my account last night! Please Unban, I adore your servers!

Name: Ryan
Profile:http: //steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198360149646/
Screen shot attached

Please unban, My little brother killed 2 people last night when i left to use the bathroom and left.

2 people !!!

2 people that i know of

i saw from across the room when he did it and wasnt fast enough to stop him

any verdict?? had to cancel my twitch stream today, cause your servers are the only ones that have people on them all the time and the only server I play arma on! Hope to hear something soon

Only fox can remove that ban , check ts he should be there

thank you for your help! ill wait for him on TS

lowered to 3 days on 6/29 ban now expired.