Expired - Bulldog - Ban Appeal Banned for 7 days

In game name: Bulldog

Steam profile: Steam Community :: SleepCadet

Ban message: You were kicked off the game. (BattlEye: Admin Kick (7 days by claws01))

Name of admin: claws01

Date of ban: 6/2/17

Time of ban: 22:00ish

Server I was banned from: [NAK]Naksquad.net | Nak#1 | I&A | Altis

Explanation: 6/2/17-6/3/17 I was playing with the 12.7mm sniper testing and seeing how it is, I loved it! On 6/2/17 around 22:00ish I accidentally team killed someone. I text him “My bad” global chat. About 3 minutes later I heard him say “Damn right it’s your fault!” in the side channel. So I went to side channel to tell him sorry in words. We talked for 2 minutes. When the AO was over I told him sorry again. Then he told me “Dude get off of side channel your going to get banned!” So I switched to Direct Channel then got banned for 7 days. So I then went to the team speak to ask why did I get banned and an admin told me I was talking in side channel and that admins gave me 5 warnings in chat. I did not notice the warning in chat. He also gave me a link to the servers website.

Notes: Rule #7 (Using Voice in Restricted Channels) states that the 1st Offense is a Written warning, which I did not see, the 2nd Offense is a kick from the server, which I did not get, and the 3rd Offense is a 5 day ban, I got a 7 day ban.

Yes I know I broke one of the servers rules and I understand I should be punished. I should have been kicked.

and walk front plane in hangar, banned 7 days this is fucking rules…,.what you think claws??

If you want this server to grow, give freedom for most players,

Such as Official server

I put in the time zone I was on

You will find on the rules page as well ". The level of punishment is at the discretion of the Admin, and will be based on the severity of the action. If you break multiple rules your punishment may run consecutively. "
You were given multiple warnings these are just the warnings from admins (players were warning you as well)
06/02/2017 10:23 PM (Side) Godfather_Actual hey man off side please
06/02/2017 10:23 PM (Side) Godfather_Actual stop talking on side
06/02/2017 10:23 PM (Side) claws don’t talk on side last warning
You broke the rule at least 3 times so you go to the 3rd offense.

As this was your first violation on NAK servers and you did approach the appeal in the correct manner, the ban has been lifted.


If you would like to appeal your ban in the correct method Six Zero, we will address your concern. Piggy backing another appeal will not get your ban discussed.


Thank you, I don’t know how I didn’t see the chat. I’ve now read all the rules and will not break any of them.

I also only used the side channel once. I just continued to use it, without realizing the chat. Thanks again