Expired - Ban Appeal - shadowmaxxl

my name is: shadowmaxxl
steam ID: Steam Community :: 85 hours a day
When was i ban: i was currently banned by claws01 today on 7/26/2017
i accidently join the zeus server while having a classic arma 3 life mod and i am sorry for joining the server with the life mod and it wont happen again my sincere apology.


he sent me this in TS
<16:11:00> “Shadowmaxxl”: <22:19:43> You poked “VileAce” with message: hey daddy can you make me a asistant please i promise i be faithful to you!
<22:204> “VileAce” pokes you: it does not work that way
<22:20:12> You poked “VileAce” with message: and please dont ban me

asked me the same thing

he trolled me in TS and when he left, the other players were grateful
he is more of a nuisance in TS than an asset in game

after further research, I’m sure he is trolling and should not be unbanned


The road that the player is going down, I believe that this player will just be banned again if unbanned. The trollish nature that this player exhibits is just how this player acts. Player has messaged multiple admins just to either push buttons or get a rise out of them. The player has poked many admins with trolly and stupid messages (see vgerdj’s post above). Again, if this player is unbanned, Most likely they will be banned again.

hey is being banned from the game means i get banned from the team speak?

Players are banned on teamspeak for breaking teamspeak rules. And are to be treated as a separate ban.

This one is difficult for me. I would not necessarily call the player a troll, but he is immature. I do not think his behavior is done to harass, but from lack of knowledge of what is acceptable or inappropriate jokes. I would have been to first one to get on him if I thought he was being malicious.

So, to the question at hand, do I think he was trying to take advantage of NAK by donating then using a mod to “cheat/hack”, no I do not. Second I have always been against banning someone because of a behavior they might exhibit in the future. If Claws chooses to unban him, then it is our jobs as Admin to educate and enforce. If his behavior does not change then we will catch him again and take to appropriate action at that time.

So for the in game ban I would say it was not intentional therefor I would unban. +1

On a different issue (kind of). It looks like shadowmaxxl was banned in TS by Fox, somewhat unrelated to the in game ban. If this was the case, then shadowmaxxl, if Claws chooses to lift the in game ban you will need to appeal the TS ban.

shadowmaxxl you have to realize all the unnecessary pokes in TS, and jumping between channels, just asking a “stupid” question then leaving the channel is not acceptable behavior. We choose to run a mature community. We do not want to prevent players from having fun, but it seems that your definition of fun does not line up with most of the community.

but why i was ban in teamspeak i was just on it 2 days ago

If the game ban is removed the TeamSpeak ban will also be removed. In may cases players with permanent bans in game will be banned in TeamSpeak as there would be no need to be on our TeamSpeak server if you are not allowed in game.

1 - dont lie , i hate that .
2 - ban you because you tried to inject nak 1 (altis) not ZEUS
3 - for me to remove the ban please send me the the link of the mod u used .
4 - very very sad to see you donated to help keep the server alive then you tried to destroying it , very very sad