Expired - BAN APPEAL - Mendota

Hello Devs,

I believe I was wrongfully banned on your server by vgerdj because of “arguing on punishment” even though I did nothing of the sort. Just a quick background, I am playing as a Vortex Pilot on your server, this will make more sense later. The whole situation started when I went AFK for a minute because I needed to go check on my brother upstairs for a quick second, then I came downstairs to see that I’ve been kicked, not thinking, I thought I was kicked due to inactivity (supposedly it was I had to change my name, keep in mind, my name was “BigBootyJudy”) . So then I just logged back into the server like normal and started to play again, about and hour later I get pulled into another room in TeamSpeak by vgerdj. When I was Pulled into the room, I was greeted by vgerdj yelling at me, although this kind of infuriated me a bit because I didn’t know I did anything wrong, I did not proceed to fire back at him, I just decided to kindly ask what I did wrong. After doing so, He chastised me some more then left. A little agitated by this, I decided to make light of the situation, and jokingly changed my name to “No Fun Allowed”, thinking that since I didn’t believe that it was that serious of a situation. After I did so, I was pulled into another room with him and he scolded me again, I didn’t think this would happen since this didn’t break any rules. So he told me to pull up the server rules on the NAK Squad website, so I did, then he told me to cite Rule #14 which states “Please watch your language. This is a public server. We understand that we play an age restricted game, but we choose not to hear this type of language in our community. If you tend to curse, mute yourself, and refrain from typing in-game chat.” Not knowing that a username falls under this rule because the rule talks about the chat’s policy on language, I question, not only, is the word “booty” a inappropriate word, let alone a curse word, but also whether usernames fall under this rule. He then proceeds to ask me to read the bottom paragraph on the page. I made a simple mistake because I could not find it, because I thought he was talking about the last rule. When I told him I could not find it, he grew irritable at me for no real reason. After I apologized for being an idiot and not seeing what was right in front of me, the conversation ended. When I logged back in for a third time, and joined the pilots, I yet again, was pulled into another room with him telling me I could not fly or be a pilot since I didn’t have enough hours on the game, he didn’t specify how many hours I needed, nor did any rule on the website. So I DM’d him after, asking him how many hours I needed, he didn’t respond.So then I decided to go back to the main channel and ask the people that were on there (there were at least 10 people there), I told them the situation and they told me that they have never had this issue and told me to continue flying, so I did, and as soon as I hit the Vortex Pilot, he banned me for “arguing on punishment” then pulled me into a room and scolded me once more, then I asked him again, “how many hours do I need to fly” when he should’ve answered me when I DM’d him, and he gave me a ballpark estimate of around 150 hours then he told me “and since the way you acted” then he paused because he didn’t know what to say. then he proceed to call me ignorant and incompetent and then left. I’d also l’d to note that not only he banned me even before we even got into a call, there was never a punishment put in place to begin with. I hope my side of the story can help you guys decide whether this ban was rightfully committed. Thank you for your time!

Best Regards, -Mendota

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