Event January 26th 8:00pm Eastern Time

Mission Name: Operation Hera

Situation: The Scimitar Regiment of CSAT recently lost control of their main foothold on Malden, but during the recent battle, while NATO forces were distracted, CSAT forces they were able to move a large mechanized platoon into La Riviere and Chapoi. NATO forces will need to use the APC’s and Armor that has been positioned in Vigny to help eliminate the remaining CSAT forces on Malden.

Mission:Following an overwhelming victory over the Scimitar Regiment of CSAT in the north east of Malden, the NAK Tactical forces are tasked with using the available armor to eliminate any remaining CSAT forces on Malden. CSAT forces are not only displacing civilians in the area, but after their recent loss they are destroying both civilian and military infrastructure in the area.

Satellite imagery and reports from civilians indicate that there is at least a full mechanized platoon in the area of La Riviere and Chapoi moving south. You must stop them before they they reach the power plant and harbor near the town of Le Port. If the CSAT forces are able to destroy the power plant of harbor Malden will be set back to the stone age.

Use the resources available to you to stop the CSAT forces. Beware that there are reports of packs of wild dogs in the area that can be extremely aggressive.