Enjoying the Live Stream!

Building my new AR10 while browsing my YouTube subscriptions and behold: NAK is streaming! Love the play-by-play narration, I assume that’s VileAce I’m listening to (and I do think your rocket exploded in your hands when firing :laughing: ).

Hey~! I hope you enjoyed the stream and the gameplay, as well as Vile’s fantastic commentary.

Vile is indeed, a very good rocket man.

Hope to see you in the next one

edit: BTW, nice firepower my friend! do you have any more?! would love to see

he’s not the only one who streams it :stuck_out_tongue: and you should been playing not watching it was a open event today.

Thank you very much. If anyone has suggestions, or would like to get involved with the process let me know. I would not mind doing a multi stream with my perspective and player perspective.

How would that work? I would feed you my live feed then you drop it in your stream?

Sorry did not reply to your last message here sycholic, you can use a multi casting tool, where both/all streams are sent to a 3rd party and they forward them to a destination or destinations of your choosing.

Other options are http://www.multitwitch.tv/ (like this option because they offer the code which can be changed to our needs) or https://multistre.am/ or last http://www.twitchster.tv

all good, yeah I figured that there be software or sites that lets you pick it up directly as well.

what about just a popout window video source then add it into OBS as a HTTP page :slight_smile: thats how I put twitch/discord chat live into my stream if I want it., or like my gif animations for followers and likes etc… just a webpage source in OBS… latency would be a problem obvious though… wonder how they handle that.