Don't good off at base

I’m having a weird issue where if I accidentally miss-click and fire my weapon at a friendly area, I cannot get rid of the automated prompt message that states “Do not goof off at base soldier.” If I click okay, my gun fires again and I get the prompt again. Same thing, if I hit ESC, Space, Enter or anything else. And because of the message, it is impossible for me to run out of the base area or halo jump away to then try and get rid of the message. Any suggestions as to what might be the problem?

Which server? Try removing mods, one may be intercepting the “okay” click.

I think it was in the USS Freedom at Altis

I went to every base on Altis where the fire prevention script is run, and was not able to reproduce the problem. Let me know if you are still having the problem. Poke me on TS so we can work on figuring out the cause.

The problem was on Altis on the USS Freedom as Waffle mentioned, at Rotary HQ and Infantry HQ (SW of Molos). You may be correct Vile, it may be a mod issue. Here is a list of the mods I am using:

1.Blastcore Edited (Standalone Version)
4. CBA_A3
5. CUP Weapons
6. Enhanced Movement
7. NATO_Rus_Weapons
8.TRYK [TRUK’s Multi-play Uniforms]
9.VSM-Gear pack v1

I am busy with mid-terms for the most part at the moment. When I will be free later on in the coming weeks, I will remove each mod individually and see which mod is causing the issue so it can be resolved in the future.

Although, a second problem that I have been having regardless of whether I use mods or not or whether I am in a group or not; is that when I get in any armed helicopter, I have issues with the dynamic loadouts. The issue is that every time I open the dynamic loadout it turns the engines on. So regardless of what I select, it does not get equipped on the helicopter. This issue is only for helicopters. Everything is fine with jets or the Y-32.

sounds like a keybinding issue possible?