Designated Marksman Request

Any possible consideration to change sights for the M110 to the AMS? The ability to switch to a red dot sight during building sweeping make me more of a valuable asset then needing to switch to the Glock.

Or can a Red dot be included with the kit so it can be swapped out?

Well ideally you shouldn’t be the one clearing buildings but rather supporting your squad (i.e. covering rooftops). However, if I recall right there was a discussion about the M110 having a fixed, high powered scope that really would only support engagements in open terrain. I can definitely see some suffering in cities, even in situations suited to you (aiming down a street or rooftops again).

I’ll have a look now and at some point get together with oxide to decide on a scope. The AMS is a favorite of mine but I am hesitant to give our marksman a red dot if his squad mates have that kind of range covered.

Alright, in the interest of versatility I’d say that a secondary sight really is needed. I ran through every scope with this in mind and only two seem to work. The AMS is superior with its reflex optic so that’s what I’m going to run by the rest of command.

With the kahlia there are two scoped modes and the secondary is an iron sight that has the ability to be zoomed in on visually
AMS offers the same magnification and utilizes a reflex optic with an arrow as the indicator.

MOS is similar with an iron sight but I think the sight is not as effective as the others.

Thank you Golden. The AMS is superior and does support the Designated Marksman and the squad in terms of versatility. There have been numerous times I have backed up Viking Actual with the Red Dot which I switch to immediately when entering villages.

9/10 I’m performing overwatch for Viking as they enter town, but eventually I’m called down to support clearing buildings.

Thanks for the second look.

Here is a blurb from Wikipedia: Designated marksman rifle - Wikipedia

All designated marksman rifles will have some type of optical sight with a higher magnification level than the standard issue rifle. For example, the SDM-R issued to the United States Army is fitted with a Trijicon 4× ACOG, while the standard-issue M4 carbine is equipped with an unmagnified Aimpoint CompM2 or CompM4. Sometimes, the sighting system will be the only difference between the standard rifle and the designated marksman rifle, as is the case with the F88S DMR issued to the Australian Army.

Sniper rifles often have even greater magnification than designated marksman rifles, for example, the M110 SASS used by the United States Army, is equipped with a Leupold 3.5-10× variable-power scope. However, some designated marksman rifles, such as the Mk 12 Special Purpose Rifle or the USMC Squad Advanced Marksman Rifle are fitted with scopes with similar magnification.

The DM was supposed to have the AMS. Oxide and I had discussed changing it previously and that is what I had set as the default scope in the loadout. I might not have updated it in the document. We will fix the loadout on respawn issue for the next event.

There was also no Vector 21 when I last logged in this morning

I am going through the map and loadouts right now. Verify against and make comments on the default loadouts document. I will move it and make comments available to all NAK Tac members, and post a link here.

I did confirm the the DM was supposed to have the AMS. The default loadout document can be found here. You are welcome to add suggestions as comments. The best way to add a comment is to the highlight the section you wish to comment on and click the comment icon in the right hand margin. All comments will be looked at but there is no guarantee that they will be accepted. In some ways we have limited to equipment of player to “force” team work.

Thank you for the update and will review the document. Totally understand limiting equipment to prevent a one man Rambo/Commando (Stallone / Arnold) army.

ACE is an amazing Mod and several members of NAK Tac love the items that come along with the mod. Looking forward to more items becoming available overtime.